About Us

Our Vision

We aim to be the leading provider of energy-related services, training, consulting, and innovative energy solutions to support the UAE and MENA region’s growth. This is in line with the UAE’s goals and international green and sustainable energy policies.

Our Mission

To help the UAE and the MENA Region transition to a more sustainable energy future. In line with the region’s sustainability goals and mandates, we provide high-quality professional energy solutions, training and consultation.

Our Values

Sadeem Energy Values





Integrated Energy Solutions


Our History

The origins of Sadeem Energy can be traced back to OPIC, a company based in Dubai – United Arab Emirates that began operations in 2018. OPIC began as a public provider of consulting and generalized training services in 2014, with its primary clients in the UAE and the Gulf. As the energy sector expanded significantly, OPIC began to expand into the energy sector, giving birth to Sadeem, and began to provide solutions in Nuclear Energy, Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas and Power Generation to both the UAE and the Gulf Region.

Why Choose Sadeem?

Sadeem provides integrated solutions focused primarily under three major areas: Energy Sector, Consulting, Customized and General Training.

What We Stand For

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our commitment to contribute to the enhancement of nuclear energy solutions in the Gulf Region and the Middle East is the driving force behind our existence. We are dedicated to ensuring that we build a trustable and recommendable multi-functional hub for knowledge, support and service in the energy sector. We face any adversity with the commitment of our Mission, Vision and Core values.

Commitment To Training & Developing

200 university graduates and interns from the UAE over the next five years.

Participate In UAE's Economic Vision

prioritize initiatives to ensure that UAE consultants are involved in the development of the UAE as a whole and participate in the growth of the UAE’s economic vision in our major projects.

Build & Enhance The Skills Of The Future Generation

Aim to build and enhance the skills and competencies of the future generation of UAE consultants

Highlight The Changing World In The Energy Sector

develop a plan to deliver a series of presentations and speeches at local institutes and public/private schools to educate the publish and highlight the changing world in the energy sector, namely nuclear energy, sustainability, environmental protection, radiation protection, etc.